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The Only Janitorial Checklist You’ll Ever Need

cleaning checklist

If you can tackle all the duties listed in this office checklist,

you’ll never need to look at another one ever again.

Cleaning a commercial office isn’t easy. It takes a lot of commitment on your part. While there are many teams involved in commercial cleaning, it isn’t easy to stand out and make your service look fantastic. A commercial office cleaning checklist is a great way to handle such responsibilities. When a customer hires you to clean an office, he or she may have hundreds of things in his/her mind. When you give them a comprehensive office cleaning checklist, they can use it to determine their needs and become your employer as well as a partner in the process. Both of you want the best for the office environment.

Our comprehensive commercial office cleaning checklist got you covered.

It will show your client what is involved in cleaning a commercial office space.

For the convenience of both parties, we have broken down the checklist into common office areas that need to be cleaned.

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist: Reception

The reception should be kept in pristine shape at all times since it is the first place customers would see when they walk into your office. It is your company’s first impression. The appearance of the reception will impact the status of your business. Daily cleaning and a few spot checks during the day are important to keep the reception area clean.

. Make sure the welcome mats are dusted, swept or mopped and kept tidy.
. If there are glass doors in the front, clean them on both sides.
. Empty all the trash bins and replace liners.
. Make the coffee table look presentable and straighten magazines.
. Wipe down the reception counter, telephone, and desk using a disinfectant. Wipe the coffee table and other furniture in the room.
. Sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors. Clean the carpets on the floor every couple of months.
. Dust the chairs, tables, lamps, vents, window shades, and other surfaces in the room.

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist: Cubicles/Offices

. Dust cabinets, shelves, and all other hard surfaces.
. Dust computer monitors, keyboards, and other computer equipment.
. Empty trash receptacles and replace liners.
. Wipe down desks, phones, and chair arms with a disinfectant. Clean the earpieces of the phones as well.
. Return any office kitchenware like plates, utensils, and mugs to the kitchen.
. Dust windows, blinds, shades, and window sills.
. Vacuum, mop, and sweep the floor area.
. Clean window glass and all other glass surfaces.
. Dust the HVAC vents.

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist: Kitchen/Break Area

. Empty the refrigerator of all the unclaimed items. Tell people to label the things they want to keep in the refrigerator.
. Wipe the shelves of the refrigerator with a disinfectant.
. Wipe the counters of the refrigerator with a disinfectant.
. Empty and clean the coffee maker.
. Make the items on the counter-top look more presentable.
. Clean the sink and faucet with a disinfectant.
. Wash all the dirty dishes left inside the sink.
. Empty the trash receptacles and replace liners.
. Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors.

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist: Bathroom

. Disinfect the washbasin, paper towel dispensers, and hand-dryers.
. Empty the trash receptacles and disinfect them. Disinfect any sanitary napkin dispensers in the bathroom.
. Disinfect the toilet seat as well as the toilet paper dispenser.
. Use a glass cleaner to wipe down the mirror over the washbasin.
. Brush and clean the toilet bowl using a toilet bowl cleaner.
. Make sure the hand dryer works properly.
. Refill the soap dispenser, toilet papers, and paper towels.
. Mop and sweep the bathroom floor using a disinfectant solution.

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist: Some Things You Need To Keep In Mind

Remember to always double-check your work. There are so many cleaning tasks that overlap from room to room in your office. Make sure you notice all little things such as the trash receptacle liners because they are easy to overlook when you are busy at work.

Clean the HVAC vents and under the desks whenever you can. Likewise, cabinet tops, light fixtures, closets, and public areas should all be dusted and kept in good condition each time to complete a cleaning job.

How to Create Your Own Cleaning Checklist

Make sure you consider the ultimate needs of your customer.

Put yourself in their shoes and determine whether you like what you see.

If you don’t like what you see, they probably won’t like it too.

If you need another fifteen minutes on the job to retain a client, those fifteen minutes are well-spent and your client will appreciate it.